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  • Date: Oct 7, 2013
  • Posted by Justin Glaeser
  • Tags: Marketing, Marketing Strategy

"Anyone with Money"

And three other phrases that make B2B marketing fail…

"Anyone with Money" This is one of the most common phrases I hear from clients and prospective clients. Although understandable if you are fighting to grow a business, from a marketing standpoint, this phrase drives me crazy. Marketing can be simply defined as delivering the right message to the right audience. Unfortunately, not everyone "with money" falls into the same category. This makes it nearly impossible to craft a successful message, which leads to unsuccessful campaigns and low ROI's. Time to do some research and attempt to find the most specific target customer for your business. Then cater your message and means of delivery to that target customer.

"All I need is to SEO and we will be millionaires" This is the absolute worst phrase used today, and I come close to flipping a desk every time I hear it. Aside from the obvious lack of understanding of what SEO actually is, there is a major disconnect in this way of thinking. While your content is important, and should be more creative in terms of search terms, YOU ARE RELYING ON SOMEONE TO SEARCH FOR A SERVICE THAT YOU OFFER! You effectively give up control of who you want as a target customer.

I have heard hundreds of stories that start... "I paid this company to SEO my site and drive traffic to my site, and have not gotten any actual work out of it"… I guess I just think differently. In my opinion, it is MY job to make sure those target customers do not have to search for that service, they will already know who we are, and what we do by the message we get to them.

"I will only pay for marketing when I get results" Then hire a commission sales staff. Because that is what you are confusing marketing with. Marketing is growing a garden, not cold calling. Marketing is an investment, and depending on the complexity of the campaign; can take time to have an impact on a target audience. There are more direct, simple solutions that have quicker returns for the "now"… Marketing needs to be viewed as a consistent, long term process, not a call center

"I want to list all of my company's accomplishments on my ads/materials" The thought process here is that by putting all of the company's accomplishments on marketing ads/materials that a target customer will see these accomplishments become so impressed with what they see that they will call and hire the service or buy the product on the spot. Actually, this approach is much less effective. Chest beating is a very common mistake in B2B marketing. The truth is, you can use images, or copy from previous work as long as it supports the message of what you can do for a target customer. The goal is to deliver the right message to the right target, by the right means.

Do you want to say, "Look at the cool stuff we have done, if you have something like this please, please call us...."


"We offer a variety of services that can all help you/your company. Here is what we can do for you and here are examples of how we have helped other clients…"

Who am I that you should ignore the sheep? What makes me the shepherd? I am someone who realizes how much I don't know. I have a passion for growing businesses, and love the blend of creativity and structure required for successful marketing. Made some mistakes, then made bigger ones, but have occasionally done things well. I love to see business grow, and would welcome the opportunity to help out anyone I can. Feel free to email me with any questions/comments/hate mail/ etc…

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